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KROMMATIK - Spirit and guidelines


The Spirit and Guidelines of the KROMMATIK Community help members of the platform understand what are the values of KROMMATIK. Remember that using this platform means accepting the Terms of Use.


Our values:


Create, share, promote and upload


All members of KROMMATIK can express themselves through music by creating, sharing, promoting and uploading their work. You can also share, promote and upload other people’s work, but in order to that legally, you need to make sure you are not doing it without their consent. For more information, check out the copyright articles in the Terms of Use.


Respect other members


Respecting the work of others means that you shouldn’t post or copy work that isn’t yours and claim property over it. You can however post other people’s work by explicitly stating their name and/or having their consent.


You should also respect other people’s identity and not create accounts using other people’s names. If you have a feeling that someone is using your name or trademark/service mark on KROMMATIK, please report it by simply sending us on the following email


You can criticize people’s work though comments but don’t do it based on differences in views or beliefs. KROMMATIK has users from different backgrounds. This is a key element for nurturing creative bonding, so please respect other members’ ideas, be tolerant and criticize in a constructive manner.


If you do not respect the work, identity, views of other members, you do risk of having your account terminated. Moreover, any racist, obscene, abusive or offensive comment or content will put you in a situation where you risk of having your account terminated.


Bottom line:


We really believe in our values and take them seriously and expect you to do so as well. So be creative, expressive and amaze the other members with your talent. But be nice to others and respect the law.

If you feel someone is infringing your identity or your copyright, let us know by sending us an email on

If you feel that some activity on KROMMATIK is against the main values of the community, please let us know by sending us an email on




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